Monday, September 24, 2007

Thing #23 Last One!

A summary of my thoughts on the "23 Things" program..........
- Some of my fav exercises were YouTube, working with Google.
- I have become much more tech saavy and am looking foward to
trying some new concepts out in our dept.
- I was suprised my how many search engines were 'out there' and
how often they are accessed.
- I enjoyed the program and found the format to be very informative
as it is.
- I would enjoy continuing to learn in possible future programs.
- I have never been a big technology person but this program enabled
me to learn, participate and use programs that I would normally be
intimidated by. The tutorials and links in each exercise made everything
very accesible and easy to understand. Thanks!

Thing #22 Audio Books

I worked on dowloading audio books and using NetLibrary and Overdrive. I had a bit of a problem using both and even had some issues going directly through BCPL web page. I'm sure I was probably doing something incorrectly and will try again. I really like to idea of having this technology and I would defintely see using it in the future.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Thing #21 Podcasts

This week, I looked at podcasts and I don't know that I found this to be something I would use in the future. It may be something I would try out personally but for the department, I don'tseea use for this technology. It is similar to YOUTUBE but not as easy to use and access.
I chose not to play as much this week and am hoping the next thing will be a little more interesting.

Thing #20 Youtube

This week I viewed YOUTUBE and watched various videos. I have used this site in the past for music videos and I know that it is a very popular and useful way to see the lastest in the world of visual media.
For the library, in my department, we could use this site to share images of the ELAC systems, video blogs of various performers and live views of story time performances.It would be a nice way to evaluate and communicate that which is visual and audible to staff in the system.
This week was definitley enjoyable and a fun 'thing' to do!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Week 8 #19

This week, I viewed the 2.0 awards list of various websites and their information sharing technologies. I chose music and ultimatley settled on It is a site designed to play only the type of music and artists that you like by getting a detailed profile of your interests. I signed up and enjoyed listening to my fav artisits.
This is a very handy list and I can see using some of these sites in the department for being able to access and catalog toys, songs, children's books.
I plan to further research what is available on this list.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Week * # 18

I worked with online productivity tools and signed up for a Google account. I was really impressed with what you could do there- far more than just a search engine! Ireally liked the calendar that you can create and share via email. That would really come in handy in the office as we are always looking for new ways and better ways to share our weekly schedules with each other.
I also made a blog entry on the Maryland sandbox featuring my take on My Favorite Things.
I have enjoyed the assignments for this week!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Week 7 # 17

I worked on Maryland sandbox this week and posted a blog on the wiki site. It looks to be a great way to connect to other folks and access information.
On ward to week 18!